Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kentucky cuts $50 million in education, preserves $43 million in tax breaks for creationist theme park

In what Forbes calls "one of the most spectacularly mis-prioritized state budgets in recent memory," Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear is proposing $50 million of cuts to education while preserving a $43 million tax break for a biblically-themed amusement park centered around a life-sized Noah's Ark. ThinkProgress also roundly criticizes the budget plan, which marks an extremely rare instance where Forbes and ThinkProgress actually agree on something.

Meanwhile, Beshear calls the budget "inadequate for the needs of our people."

Do we need any clearer example of why government generally cannot be trusted? (Or, at the very least, why lobbyists and campaign donors have way too much influence).

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  1. I'm not sure you understand our situation. The tax breaks for the park are the same that we give for any other amusement parts since these facilities generate jobs and income for the state. The education cut is to be applied to the excessive administration costs in our state. The two are not related.